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After finishing the Viet Nam orientation center, I got my orders to go the B Company of the 23rd S & T Battalion in Chu Lai. I reported in and was informed at that time that there were no openings for a TC Officer at that time and new orders had been cut for me. They also said that as soon as a slot opened up, I would be brought back. I boarded a helicoper and was flown to an LZ. I reported in to my CO. Where did the Army in its intelligence send me, the 101st Airborne. I spoke to my CO and he noticed that I was not airborne and I stated to him that airborne is voluntary. He said, "Not for you, you will become airborne qualified!" So while I was deficating in my fatigues, I was put on another helicopter and flown to Da Nang to be come in country airborne quailfied. To make a long story short, During my training, when I had to make jumps from the towers and from an airplane, I told the Sgt. that I wasn't jumping and so he threw me off the towers and out of the plane. I reported back to my unit and was put in charge of a LRRPS Platoon. Was I scared being in an infantry unit? You're damn right I was. I went to meet my platoon and my Platoon Sgt. took me to meet my men. I want to tell you this was a rough bunch of guys who looked like they had been through Hell! Then the Sgt. asked me what I wanted to do first with the platoon and I was honest. I said to him that I wasn't going to do anything. He had been running the platoon and would continue to do so while he taught me everything I needed to know and when he thought I was ready to take over he should tell me. He said, "You know Lt. you just might get out of here alive!" Thank G-d for that Sgt. He had me walking point, teaching me about ambushes, booby traps, the responsibilities of a LRRPS Platoon, body counts, assassinations, and a million other things. After I had been with them for awhile and had taken over the platoon the Sgt. told me that no one really thought much about me that first day.(They in their filthy fatigues and me in my absolutely clean ones). It really isn't an experience I would like to repeat!

Jeff Fishman - Marshalling a convoy - Viet Nam 1970

Now when I finally got to my Transportation Company things were very different LOL Bill Shugarts will tell you, no matter what convoy I took, even if it was a short milk run on Highway 1, I would have a vehicle blown up or hit an ambush or have someone wounded by sniper fire.

Lowboy after hitting mine - Viet Nam 1970

After Nam I worked in the restaurant business almost all my life. My final job was managing a private golf club for 13 years. It was the worst job I ever had. I was required to go out and play golf with the members everyday for 18 holes and sometimes 36 holes while I was still taking care of the restaurant and clubhouse. It was terrible but someone had to do it. When I started the job I had an 18 handicap and when I left it was down to a 4. The pro gave me free lessons, equipment, and sent me for free to some of the top courses on the East Coast with three of my friends. It was really wonderful. I'm sorry to say I cannot play anymore because I severe arthritis in my spine.

I came home to my wife Sheile and me daughter, Michelle. Michelle was 6 weeks old when I left and 14 months old when I came home. We took some quality time to get to know each other. I also had a son Howard after I came home. I'm sorry to say that Sheila divorced me after 37 years of marriage and my children stopped talking to me because I didn't stop the divorce. Oh well, life goes on!

I moved back into the home I was raised in as a kid in Poughkeepsie, NY. I have been retired for 14 years and am busier now than when I worked. I volunteer at Castle Point (the verterans' hospital), I collect new clothes and underware for the patients at Castle Point, I spend three days a week shopping and cooking for 80 and 90 year olds. Periodically I fly to Haiti and help distribute water to outlying villages who still don't have fresh water facilities. I try to date but all these women want to get married, NO WAY!!!!!! I go to the Mohegan Sun Casino and gamble. I am a volunteer for the Multiple Sclerosis Walk in our area and keep busy with many hobbies and interests. Bill Shugarts can tell you about the bead work I do. I collect gold coins and stamps and American Indian Artifacts and Kachinas.

I counsel and talk to VietNam veterans who won't go to a medical facility for counseling. I have no training in this field but they will only talk to another Nam vet and I 'm a good listener.

I also help out at ARC, which is a facility for the learning disabled when I can find the time. The clients there are the warmest and most enjoyable people I have ever met. They join me at the lunch for those 80 & 90 year old sometimes.

I have made a committment to enjoy every dollar I have made before I die either by using it or donating it.

That's all folks.

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