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50th Class Reunion - San Antonio, Texas - October 26 to 28, 2018

San Antonio, the home of the Alamo, was selected for our reunion site for its appealing, mid-country location and historical significance. San Antonio offers much to see, do, and offers a range of dining and shopping options.

We stayed at the San Antonio Embassy Suites River Walk - Downtown Hotel. The hotel is located on the banks of the famous San Antonio Riverwalk and within walking distance of all downtown attractions, entertainment, shopping and dining. The River Walk area is deemed by many visitors to be an extremely appealing area.

Thanks to Bob Barnes we received a fantastic discount from the hotel. The entire planning committee did a great job in providing a meaningful experience for all: Tom Dilatush, Bill Shugarts, Mike Kihn, Bob Barns, Larry Creekmore, Dan Russell, Jack Mudd, Bob Cournoyer.

On Friday morning, early arrivals were treated to an architectual history walk sponsored by Mike Kihn. Friday evening we met for cocktails in the hotel lounge, and scattered in small groups to sample San Antonio's diverse eateries. Saturday was filled with walks along the river, boat rides, brewery visits, shopping and, of course, a visit to the Alamo. Saturday evening we met in a private room at the Longhorn Steakhouse, for and outstanding meal planned by the reunion committee. Sunday we met for breakfast at the hotel and said our farewells, promising to do this all over again in another awesome local.

1968 OCS Class 515H 50th Reunion 

1968 OCS Class 515H 50th Reunion 

1968 OCS Class 515H 50th Reunion 

1968 OCS Class 515H 50th Reunion 

1968 OCS Class 515H 50th Reunion 

1968 OCS Class 515H 50th Reunion 

1968 OCS Class 515H 50th Reunion 

1968 OCS Class 515H 50th Reunion 

1968 OCS Class 515H 50th Reunion 

1968 OCS Class 515H 50th Reunion 

1968 OCS Class 515H 50th Reunion 

1968 OCS Class 515H 50th Reunion 

1968 OCS Class 515H 50th Reunion 

1968 OCS Class 515H 50th Reunion 

1968 OCS Class 515H 50th Reunion 

1968 OCS Class 515H 50th Reunion 

1968 OCS Class 515H 50th Reunion 

1968 OCS Class 515H 50th Reunion 

1968 OCS Class 515H 50th Reunion 

In Memory Ceremony - Washington D. C. Jun 16-17, 2017

On June 16 and 17 Roger Harris, Bill Shugarts and Mike Kihn, representing 515-Hotel Company, were joined by Mary Hamma, her family and friends to celebrate - during the 2017 In Memory Ceremony at the Vietnam War Memorial - the life and memory of Donald Hamma, who died on Father's Day 2016 of causes related to his service in Vietnam. The two days were devoted, in part, to remembering, as Bill has put it, Don and "his famous phrase to us all at various times ' "I could care less" ' which really meant he cared about us all so that we received the highest caliber training to be able to perform in extreme circumstances" and, in part, to helping Mary and her daughters Kristine and Lindsey cope with the passing of their husband and father.

On Friday we visited the Memorial Wall and placed a plaque and a dozen yellow roses there in honor of our brothers, including Don, who are no longer with us. On Saturday approximately 15 Hamma family members and friends, along with nearly 1000 other participants, attended the In Memory Ceremony to celebrate the lives of more than 400 Vietnam Veterans who died of war related causes during the past year.

The two days were both emotional and poignant. But in a certain sense, because they were also full of shared memories of Don, our other TAC officers, Officer Candidate School experiences and Hamma family history, they were also uplifting. As you can imagine there were both tears and laughter - often at the same time. Following the ceremony we convened for lunch and, then, said our goodbyes.

A note that Mary wrote following the ceremony and the weekend indicated how much it meant to her and her daughters, Kristine and Lindsey and how important to them were our recollections of Don's role - for the most part unknown to them - as an OCS TAC officer at Fort Belvoir.

I would be remiss if I did not state that this event would not have occurred without Roger's many conversations with Mary, which convinced her to attend the Ceremony and invite her family members. Also, at Roger's request, Carol Fox wrote an eloquent letter to Mary describing her own valued experience at an In Memory Ceremony and urging Mary to attend. Of course, Bill's work as a volunteer guide at the Memorial Wall, his connection with the Vietnam Veteran Memorial Fund and his leg work in arranging our daily agenda were key to the endeavor;s success.

Poster honorying our fallen brothersPoster honoring our fallen brothers

Mary Hamma with daughter's Lindsey and KristenMary Hamma with daughters Lindsey and Kristen

In Memory 2017Bill, Roger and Mike

In Memory 2017Color Guard

In Memory 2017Prayer - Mike

In Memory 2017Lindsey & Kristen Hamma

In Memory 2017Don Hamma Plaque

In Memory 2017Roger adressing Hamma family

In Memory 2017Mary Hamma, family & friends

A Gathering of Eagles - Washington, D. C. June 18-19, 2015

We gathered together to honor our fallen brothers.

OCS 515H 2014 ReunionAttendees at the OCS compound area on Ft. Belvior

OCS 515H 2014 ReunionTed Aragon's son and grand-daughter

OCS 515H 2014 ReunionThe Bodwells and Barnes's

OCS 515H 2014 ReunionBob Barnes and Dan Russell

OCS 515H 2014 Reunion

OCS 515H 2014 Reunionx

OCS 515H 2014 Reunionx

March 2015 - Viet Nam

Please find the attached March 2015 Vietnam Trip summary for a special delegation going back to Vietnam. We have been working on this special itinerary with Global Spectrum Travel (Fairfax, VA) for the last few months since our reunion here in Washington, DC. Global Spectrum Travel ( has been doing trips/delegations/mission trips like this over the last 20 years.

Moreover, GST specializes in this part of the world offering unique advantages and opportunities for travelers of all kinds--tourists, veterans, families of veterans, spouses, college and university professors, students, businessmen and businesswomen. A few of the many unique travel venues/opportunities on this trip include a special audience with the Joint Task Force Military Unit in Hanoi, Vietnam that continues to search for our missing soldiers from the Vietnam War and a special trip to Khe Sanh via one of GCSF's projects (school, library) as well as many other unique opportunities in Hanoi, Hue, Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) and the Mekong Delta. Folks, this delegation opportunity, humbly speaking, is a once in a lifetime opportunity and can allow for closing the chapter on Vietnam for many of us.

Please review the materials in the Word docs below and let me know if you plan to travel with us. We have 4-5 months to work the logistics with a requirement to have payments into Global Spectrum travel by January 1st, 2015. They require payments 60 days in advance of travel plus airline reservations will be needed as well.

Also, we chose these early March dates to take advantage of temperate weather throughout Vietnam generally speaking as we will be going from the North to the South and crossing three different regions/weather systems of sorts. The neat thing is you will see the various regions of Vietnam and many areas we as veterans never got to see when in-country such as the Cu Chi Tunnels.

I have also attached an exchange of questions I have had with Global Spectrum Travel this week which might answer several other things while considering this unique opportunity. Hope that helps too. Please ask any questions and we can go from there.

One thing I forgot to mention, I have traveled with Global Spectrum Travel twice before with veterans delegations back to Vietnam and GST really does the best job integrating the war and the cultural things that most tourists see but enhancing it with special activities and tours which can enabling healing and closing the chapter. They do more than battlefields (they do these as well) making it a more universal experience. Our delegation will travel from the North to the South and places in between in a really beautiful country. "Vietnam a Country not a War" is one of the slogans used in Vietnam these days where Americans & veterans are sincerely welcomed!

Finally, I will also be utilizing similar communications and administrative techniques that we used via our reunion in leading this delegation. They seemed to work and should enable us to form a nice travel team and have a great trip.

Thanking you in advance for your careful consideration of a once in a lifetime opportunity!

Sincerely yours,

Bill Shugarts

August 2015 Normandy WW II Trip

This is a trip to visit the locations at Normandy guided by Carver and Marianne McGriff.

Attached is the itinerary as it currently stands. Some adjustments may be made but the basic sights that we will visit are listed. We would leave on Wednesday, August 25 and return September 2, 2015. The projected cost of the trip is $3600.00 per person in double occupancy. We will be able to add some days on the beginning or end of the trip for those who might want to spend more time in Europe and we can help with upgrades or frequent flier miles.

The trip includes round trip airfare from Indianapolis, bus transportation in France, Seven nights in 5 star hotels, all Museum admissions, daily breakfast, a gourmet lunch and closing dinner.

I wanted to give you the first chance to confirm a spot on the trip before we email this to a larger group. If you want to be on the list, please mail a refundable deposit check for $500 per person by Sept. 1st made out to TRAVEL TO REMEMBER and mailed to Robert Zehr, 621 Timber Mill Lane, Indianapolis, IN 46260. Print and complete the attached registration form and mail it with your check. After Sept. 1, we will begin to send information to a larger list and I feel certain the trip will fill very quickly. .

Steve Furste

Reunion Flyer Announcement

Special Order announcing 2014 reunion plans for 515 H
Special Order announcing 2014 reunion plans for 515 H

OCS 515H 2014 Reunion515 H Flag - created for the 2014 Reunion

OCS 515H 2014 Reunion515 H hat and shirts- created for the 2014 Reunion

OCS 515H 2014 ReunionBuck Bodwell, Jeff Fishman and Mike Kihn

OCS 515H 2014 ReunionSteve Furste, Dan Russell, Jeff Fishman, Bill Shugarts, Tom Dilatush and Bob Barnes

OCS 515H 2014 ReunionPeter Gagarin, Jack Mudd, Margaret Mudd, Gale Gagarin

OCS 515H 2014 ReunionLarry Creekmore, Buck and Carol Bodwell

OCS 515H 2014 ReunionJim Silhasek, Tom Richards, Peter Gustavson

OCS 515H 2014 ReunionStu Eaton, Dan Russell, Tom Dilatush and Ron Garner

OCS 515H 2014 ReunionCharlie Sprinkle and Bill Oster

OCS 515H 2014 ReunionJack Lowery and Kevin Moran

OCS 515H 2014 ReunionCraig Lampe's son Stewart, wife Janis and sister Allyson Hopkins

OCS 515H 2014 ReunionCarol Fox

OCS 515H 2014 ReunionCharlie Sprinkle, Nancy and Larry Creekmore

OCS 515H 2014 Reunion515 H Flag and Memorabilia table

OCS 515H 2014 ReunionLt. Dan Russell's locker and uniform display

OCS 515H 2014 ReunionWreath placed at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

OCS 515H 2014 ReunionShugarts, Fishman, Creekmore and Bodwell placing wreath

OCS 515H 2014 ReunionRussell and Kihn place 515H wreath at the Viet Nam Memorial

OCS 515H 2014 ReunionYellow roses placed for our deceased class members

OCS 515H 2014 Reunion515 H display at the Viet Nam Memorial

OCS 515H 2014 ReunionFishman and Russell talking with Elizabeth and Bob Dole at WW II memorial

OCS 515H 2014 ReunionTom Richards explains the layout of the Belvoir OCS compound

OCS 515H 2014 ReunionFt. Belvoir OCS compound area as it looks in 2014

OCS 515H 2014 Reunion515 H reunion members at the OCS compound

OCS 515H 2014 Reunion"Call an Ambulance!" I think we're going to need it.

OCS 515H 2014 ReunionDinner at the Ft. Belvoir Officer's Club

OCS 515H 2014 ReunionCake anyone?

OCS 515H 2014 ReunionRoger that was trival!

OCS 515H 2014 ReunionJack Mudd, Bob Boucher and Dick LaFontaine - hanging with the Tacs

OCS 515H 2014 ReunionTom Dilatush toasts the company and reunion committee

OCS 515H 2014 ReunionLarry Creekmore explains the OCS training program

OCS 515H 2014 ReunionDan Russell introduces the 515H legacy concept

OCS 515H 2014 ReunionTac Gustavson addresses the troups

OCS 515H 2014 ReunionTac Silhasek

OCS 515H 2014 ReunionTac Richards returns the 2nd Platoon flag

OCS 515H 2014 ReunionBill Shugarts thanks the reunion committee

OCS 515H 2014 ReunionChallenge coins Bill Shugarts presented to the participants

OCS 515H 2014 ReunionDick LaFontaine, Len Floren, Bob Boucher and Susan Regis (Len's wife)

OCS 515H 2014 ReunionAt the Marine Corps Museum

OCS 515H 2014 ReunionRetired Marine General Bill Weise briefs 515H

Post Graduation Reunions

Long Bin, Viet Nam 19701LTs from left to right...Floren, Atkinson, De Long and Hatfield

vung Tau, Viet Nam 19701LTs Dan Russell and Bob Barnes, Vung Tau, Viet Nam 1970

Long Bin, Viet Nam 19701LTs Mark DeLong and Dan Russell, Long Bin Viet Nam 1970

Westhampton Beach, Long IslandJohn Van Nostrand, Kirby Atkinson and Tom Harvey 1970
Post Viet Nam visit with Len Floren

Eli Lilly ReunionDan Russell, Stephen Furste and friend - Eli Lilly - 1984

Quantico Marine Corp MuseumBill Shugarts and Buck Bodwell - Quantico Marine Museum - May, 2013

Monroe, GaKirby Atkinson and Larry Creekmore - Monroe, Georgia - June, 2013

Quantico Marine Corp MuseumBill Shugarts and Roger Harris - Quantico Marine Museum - June, 2013

Royal Thai Dallas July 2013Dick Eberhart and Buck Bodwell - Royal Thai Restaurant Dallas, Tx - July, 2013

Quantico Marine Corp MuseumBill Shugarts and Mike Kihn - Viet Nam War Memorial - July, 2013

Quantico Marine Corp MuseumBill Shugarts and Jeff Fishman- Quantico Marine Museum - August, 2013

L'Escale Restaurant - Greenwhich ConnTom Harvey and Len Floren - L'Escale Restaurant, Greenwich, Ct. - August, 2013

Harry and Izzy's Restaurant - Indianapolis, INDan Russell and Steve Furste - Harry and Izzy's Restaurant, Indianapolis, In. - September, 2013

Boychiks Deli - Glen Allen, VABuck Bodwell and Roger Harris - Boychiks Deli - Glen Allen, Va. - September, 2013

Salisbury CC, Richmond, VABuck Bodwell, Laura and Bob Barnes - Salisbury Country Club - Richmond Va. - September, 2013

Nordstroms Indianapolis, InDan Russell, Bill Shugarts, Steve Furste - Nordstroms Bistro Restaurant - Indianapolis, IN - September, 2013

White House, W. D.C.Mark DeLong, John Hatfield, Tom Harvey, Kirby Atkinson and Len Floren - Washington, D.C.- October, 2013

Eden Park, Cincinatti, OHMark DeLong Tom Harvey, - Eden Park, Cincinatti, Oh.- November 2013

Springfield, VaDavid Callan and Bill Shugarts - Spingfield, Va..- December 2013

Palm BeachSusan Regis (Len's wife) and Mark DeLong, Susie DeLong and Len Floren - Alfresco Restaurant - Palm Beach, Florida - March, 2014

August 2014 Mini-Reuniton - Bill Shugarts, Jeff Fishman and Tom Dilitush

2014 Mini

July Mini-Reuniton - Bill Shugarts and Bill Oster

2014 Mini

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