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H company HQHeadquarters for H Company

Barracks H company OCSHome Sweet Home

Barracks H Company OCS - 1968"The 2nd Platoon had a fan?"

Lts Silhasek, Richards & HammaThree on one! Poor Beanhead

OCS Class Training - Ft. Belvoir April 196810:05 AM and all still awake...
Thesier, Kern, Noble, Wylie, Forsythe, Mudd, Poole, Gagaran, Long & Russell

OCS Class Training -Ft. Belvoir April 1968Brake Time
L-R: Russell, Poole, Ryan, Wylie, Forsythe, Wilson, Kern and Noble

Red Tabs 515H OCS"You forgot what?"

50 pushups please"Drop down and knock out 50."

OCS Class Training - Ft. Belvoir 1968"Heads up...this is the time in the class when they tell a good joke."

Sleep depravation was common in OCS"I can't understand why anyone needs more than 4 hours sleep a night."

Field training at Camp AP Hill - 1968"Now the whole idea behind a drainage ditch is..."

Combat Engineers building a barrack"Tell me again why it has to be level,"

Field training at Camp AP Hill - 1968"Does anyone see a board that is 7' 3 1/2"

OCS construction training"We're building a what?"

Barrack under construction- OCS training 1968"Oh! Are we going to blow it up when we're done?"

OCS Training 1968 Ft. Belvoir"Hopefully these are going to be EM quarters"

H515 OCS 1968 finishing construction class"Don't we ever finish anything?"

Field training 1968"Ain't this Lt. Hammer's car? Doesn't brake fluid remove paint?"

2nd Platoon APL Hill OCS 515H - 1968"Honestly, I'll never smoke again"

2nd Platoon rifle range OCS 515H - 1968"Hey! I know I hit something!"

2nd Platoon rifel range OCS 515H - 1968"Piece of cake!"

Field training OCS 515H - 1968"This band of brothers"

OCS 1968 assembly for field training"Who called this meeting?"

Marshaling for an all night training exercise Who's up for an all night boony run?

Building a Bailey Bridge"Yeah! It is just like Tinker Toys - Only for big boys"

Bailey Bridge class at OCS Ft. Belvior 1968Why'd we build this Bailey bridge when we had a perfectly good pipe to cross?

Demolition training Combat Engineering OCS 1968When's it going to be my turn to blow something up?

Shape charge placement on a tank"The shape charge goes where? Is that important?"

Shape charge placement OCS 1968"Fire in what hole?"

Field demolition training Ft. Belvior Va. 1968"Oh. Now I get it."

Demolition Training OCS class 515H"We made that hole? No dummy we chopped the tree down with det cord."

Field training at Camp AP Hill - 1968"These guys think explosives are fun. Thank God they are going to the Transportation Corps"

Field training at Camp AP Hill - 1968"If it comes in a can it's OK to eat. Right?"

OCS July 1968 Ft. BelvoirSeven minutes for chow is wasting good training time

OCS July 1968 Ft. Belvoir2nd Platoon: Smacked in and looking strack

Fall in I Don't think they are ever going to get it

Relay Races Combat Engineering OCS 1968 -Nick Friedrich in foregroundC"ome on Tom!" Love to win - Hate to lose

On the double "Will we ever walk anywhere again?"

OCS 515H in formationFinally looking strack

Candidate Lounge OCS 515H - 1968"The least used building on post"

OCS 515 Hotel class projectWe were looking for a Sunday project

OCS Class 515 H projectWell we finally finished something

OCS Class 515 H 2nd PlatoonRed Tabs - Paul Fox & Tom Whalen

OCS Class 515 H 2nd Platoon in reviewPass in Review: 2nd Platoon

2nd Platoon latrine OCS 515H - 1968"What tha...Hey?"

2nd Platoon barracks OCS 515H - 1968"Let hope not!"

2nd Platoon barracks OCS 515H - 1968"2nd Platoon barracks"

2nd Platoon barracks OCS 515H - 1968"The Big Chicken"

2nd Platoon barracks OCS 515H - 1968"The ubiquitous Charlie Brown"

OCS Class 515 H 1st Platoon"Getting short baby!"

Graduation party OCS class 515 H"Dick, can you believe we're actually drinking scotch?"

Graduation party OCS class 515 H"Yeah baby I got The Presidio"

Lt. Hammer - OCS graduation 515 H"Why can't I recycle all of them?"

Roger W. Harris"I, [name], do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States..."

Roger W. Harris"Roger 'Harris' That"

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